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Global Game Jam 2017

It's the mid 1980s and new wave is where it's at, join the Neon Pink Owls while they go from a bunch of nobodies to amazing musicians on their rise towards fame. Travel across the sights of your local city to spread the word of your amazing songs, and see your fans and money rise! See if you can hear their greatest hits on your adventures.

Mouse is required for the game, sorry no keyboard or controllers supported.

Flight of the Neon Pink Owls was made by:
Chris Reed - @WissUK
Catherine Woolley - @Catmoo
Charlotte Woolley - @cptalbertwesker

All music by:

The Ejukashuner

  1. Hair Can Make Me
  2. Curls in Confused Emotions
  3. Future Fahgyietas
  4. Letter Thief
  5. Blue Train
  6. NPO
  7. Crude Order

Install instructions

Download and load the game, no need to install. Have fun :)


flightoftheneonpinkowls.exe 7 MB

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