A downloadable game for Windows

Soulmates is a game inspired by the art piece of the same name by Aristotle Roufanis, being created in less than a day. When looking at the piece I wondered how or why anyone would be there, and what would have brought someone to such an isolated location. What comes from nothing?

The piece that inspired the work can be found here.


Freesound.org for the wind sound.

Install instructions

Download and run the exe, no install needed.

Click on 'Start' to begin.

Use D to walk and E to use supplies.

Escape to quit.


soulmates.exe 4 MB


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Just a little test. I don't know whether I used the rations or not, E seems to have no feedback.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. I actually never have a set time when you cant use the E key, if the player decides to press the E key at the start then they will waste all of the supplies they have and will eventually die before reaching the end. I feel its more organic having the player learn when or where to use them as feedback is given in a certain state.

I'll have a test adding feedback, I wanted feedback left to the minimum but there's no harm in seeing how it would change it :)